“Photography is a love affair with life.” ~ Burk Uzzle

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Remo Pollastri is a photographer, traveller, fitness enthusiast and businessman residing in the beautiful city of Perth, Australia. Remo PollastriHis love of nature and the outdoors began in his formative years whilst growing up on a farm in Africa. This passion lay dormant for a number of years whilst he built a career in finance and then investment management. During this time, he was able express himself creatively through writing for a number of leading financial journals. He received a number of accolades for his articles, the highlight of which, was being the recipient of a Reuters Journalism Award.

In recent years, Remo has had an opportunity to reignite his passion for nature through photography. He travels extensively and, wherever he goes, his camera is close at hand.

Over the last few years, he has also developed a strong presence on a number of social media sites and in particular on Google +, Instagram and Twitter. His reach has been growing exponentially and daily visitors now number well into the hundreds of thousands.

When not behind his camera, you will find Remo on his bike, paddling a kayak, playing tennis, in the gym, coaching athletics or swimming, spending time with his family, or working on his investments.

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